Restaurants in Venlo

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Burgundian as Venlo is, it is teeming with good pubs and restaurants.
Are you looking for a place to rest after a strenuous walk or a day of shopping?
As Venlo has a large selection of good restaurants, we have put down some tips for you here. Come to Venlo to experience it for yourself and discover more restaurants!

Grand Cafés:

* Café Restaurant Central
* Hemingway
* Alde Mert
* Bistro Schell
* Brasserie Retro
* Brasserie Sur Meuse
* Greek restaurant Kreta
* Eddy’s Sushi
* Motown Steaks ‘n Sushi
Burger Restaurant:
* Burgers & Beers
* Sittar Indian Restaurant
* Lanterna
* Old Dutch
Culinary and cosy dining at a high level
Valuas Restaurant 1* Michelin, Brasserie & Hotel
* Chez L’Hetre
* Restaurant Cabillaud
* Brasserie Sur Place
* Boca Portugees Restaurant
De Loft 23
* Restaurant Niej-Jork
* De Tramhalte
* Eethuis Tante Toer
Food Market & Restaurant:
* Beej Benders

For Children:
* Spek en Boonen
A real kids’ cafe. Here parents can relax while their children play.
(attached souvenir shop)

* Pancake house Jagersrust in Velden

From Venlo:
* Eetcafé de Brasserie
A real Venlo restaurant with one of the typical dishes from Venlo: Zwarte Kip. Definitely worth trying!

* Automatiek Piccadilly
Here you get a real Venlo snack: the Frietei, a breaded, fried ragout with an egg in the middle. The most discussed snack in the northern hemisphere. Invented in Venlo and still freshly prepared every day.