Sights of Venlo

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*Jocus Museum,
Dominicanenplein 25 in Venlo

The Venloosch Vastelaoves Gezelschap Jocus is the oldest still existing carnival society in the Netherlands and has its own museum in the heart of the city. Here you can see showpieces from the long Jocus history, the Venlo parade, the traditional Boerebroèlof celebration and the Venlo carnival music. In the film hall, old pictures from the past are shown, accompanied by a commentary. A must for every carnival lover. Or as they say here in Venlo: for everyone with a vastelaoveshert, a carnival heart!
Opening times of the museum: As a result of the Corona measures, the opening hours of the museum were adjusted. You can find the current opening hours at any time on the museum’s website.

Former monastery chapel. This chapel is a national monument and, together with the former monastery and its garden, which is bordered by the old city wall, is a reminder of the rich monastic life in Venlo. The monumental, centuries-old monastery chapel has remained completely intact and is now not only a cultural stage but also a location for weddings, funerals and special receptions.

A fence with typical Venlo characters on its tops is located in one of the few oldest parts of the city of Venlo. You will find this fence on the Keizerstraat (often called Floddergats). Go in search of HölleWölle, Prazelmuts or Strónsmedam… (Some of the so-called Köpkes are also available in miniature at the tourist office).

*Museum van Bommel van Dam
New address: Keulsepoort (former post office)
Museum of Modern Art. The museum is currently moving and is closed to the public until further notice. However, an information point has been opened on Klaasstraat. Due to the Corona measures, the information point on Klaasstraat can only be visited by a maximum of 2 people with a reservation.
Reservations can be made via

*Limburgs Museum
Keulsepoort 5 in Venlo

The history and folklore museum of the province. Permanent and changing exhibitions tell the story of Limburg and its inhabitants: from food gatherers to people in a multicultural society. Since 2000, the museum has been located in a historic site: architect Jeanne Dekkers was inspired by the past of the place, which, in addition to the town’s fortifications and a shunting yard for railways, later also housed the oldest petrol station preserved in the Netherlands.
Due to the Corona measures, tickets for the Limburgs Museum must be reserved in advance on the website. There you will also find the current opening hours.

*Valuas and Guntrud
The city figures of Venlo. According to legend, they are the founders of the city. Today you can find them next to the Limburgs Museum.

A rose park in the Rosarium district in Venlo. The park is maintained by people from the neighbourhood and is home to a large number of different types of roses.

*St. Martinuskerk
The St. Martinuskerk in Venlo is a Gothic church and became a basilica in 2019. It is open on weekdays and can be visited under the guidance of a guide.
Guided tours by appointment only.

*Ald Weishoes
An old building opposite the Martinuskerk, which used to serve as an orphanage and home for the elderly.

The Joriskerk is a Protestant church in Venlo. The part with the pointed windows is the remnant of the former St. Joris-Gasthuiskapel, the guesthouse chapel from around 1380. The church has been in the possession of the Reformed Parish since 1702 and is not open to the public.

*Town Hall
The most beautiful building in Venlo is the town hall built in Renaissance style. It was built between 1597 and 1600 by the German architect Willem van Bommel. Particularly striking are the two unequal, elegant corner towers with alternating layers of bricks and sandstone. Today, the town hall is only used for official receptions, weddings and council meetings.
Guided tours by appointment only; not accessible on Tuesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and in the evenings.

*De Maaspoort
The cultural and congress centre of Venlo. Since 1985, this is the location of the Venlo theatre. As part of the redesign of the Maasboulevard, the theatre complex has undergone major changes and since 2013, it has an extra theatre hall, a VIP foyer, a brasserie and a theatre restaurant with an outdoor terrace from which you have a beautiful view of the Meuse.

*Moder Maas
This is what the people of Venlo affectionately call their river, the Meuse. But love can also quickly turn into sorrow and despair. The river burst its banks in 1926, 1993 and 1995. In 1993, this happened twice and especially Venlo was hit hard in December. Large parts of the city were flooded and shuttle services were used to bring people over the flooded areas. The water level was 20 metres above sea level. This extreme record was even broken in 1995.

A recreational area on the banks of the river Meuse in the central shopping area of Venlo with terraces, a city park and a harbour.

The Romerhuis is a well-preserved house with a built-in shop in late Gothic style and was built around 1521. During the Second World War, it suffered heavy bombing. In 1925, this beautiful house became the property of the Association for the Protection of Historic Houses named after Hendrick de Keyser and was restored from war damage in 1950.

*City Figures
Three bronze sculptures of famous Venlo personalities are located in the Jodenstraat:
Gerard van den Akker, (under the name Morocco)
Lambert Francken (Baer de Woers)
Tsen Koa Pai (Pienda Wullum)

*Shinkichi Tajiri
The guardians on the city bridge of Venlo – four huge cast-iron warriors. These are the Guardians(de wachters) of the world-famous Japanese-American artist Shinkichi Tajiri.

*Tango Piece of art
You can admire the sculpture Tango by Fons Schobbers on the Maasboulevard.

*De Vreedzame Krijger
The translation of the name of the sculpture by Rik van Rijswick means “The peaceful warrior”. After an absence of three years, the sculpture De Krijger returned to Venlo soil. The carnival association Jocus gave it to the city for its own birthday. You will find the peaceful warrior on the Maasboulevard in the city park Op De Kop van De Weerd.

An ancient Venlo district. Past, present and future melt together to form an exciting neighbourhood with colourful shops and houses.

*City office
The city office building is an absolute must-see, if only because of its beautiful green façade. The house is completely built according to the Cradle to Cradle principle (C2C).Further information is available at

*Kapel van Genooy
For many people from Venlo, this small chapel where Mary is venerated is a place of peace, hope and support. Next to the chapel, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch or coffee at the Koffieschenkerij Genuujerie.

*World Peace Flame
The World Peace Flame in Julianapark is a beautiful place. The flame exists since 1999 and has been spread from Wales across five continents to draw attention to world peace.
In the Netherlands, the Flame of Peace is now burning in six cities, including Venlo.

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